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March 1, 2022

Palm Sunday 2011

Dear Family of Our Redeemer’s,

We are standing on the threshold of Lent which begins on March 2 with ASH WEDNESDAY. When we are marked with the ashes of last year’s palms from Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem to begin the events of Holy Week, what does that “cross on your forehead” say to you and to the people who see it? The words spoken as we are marked, “Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return”, may seem morbid and depressing. On the other hand, they can speak a truth that leads to freedom, resurrection and new life.

What does Lent mean to you in 2022? The focus and emphasis of Lent has changed over the past 50 years. The very painful, cruel, mean-spirited treatment of Jesus that led to his crucifixion is not to be minimized or ignored. It is an ugly story that we cannot ignore. We see and hear ourselves in the crowd yelling, “Crucify him! Crucify him!” when Jesus gets too personal with us about our lack of truth and honesty in our shallow views of life and discipleship. We deny our mortality. We white-wash our “what’s in it for me” motivation for being a follower of Jesus.

Confession and repentance are still very much at the heart of Lent. We ask for the light of God’s Word to shine on us so that we build our lives on the truth. The word of forgiveness is spoken from the cross: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do”. In those words, we are freed to live. Our Lenten journey becomes a preparation for the new life of Easter. Aware of our mortality and our need for the new life flowing from Christ’s death and resurrection, we are open to the possibilities of faithful living as followers of Jesus.

What kind of person would you like to be when we emerge from the Good Friday tomb and find ourselves walking in the garden on Easter morning? I am praying that the light and truth that comes from our Lenten journey would make me into a more humble, honest, loving, hope-filled, generous, caring, faithful person. Set free from the destructive powers of sin, death, and evil I would hope to shine the light of Christ in dark places where people are hurting, confused, hopeless, fearful, depressed, lonely, hungry, and sad. I really do hope that Lent will make a difference in who I am and what my life is all about. I would hope that this journey with Jesus would not be just a bunch of empty words but be life-changing.

It is my prayer that for the people of God at Our Redeemer’s, the new life of Easter will shine brighter than ever before. God has given us this wonderful community of faith. “Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine”.

Blessings on your Lenten journey toward new life,
Interim Supply Pastor, Fred Mai

October 26th Message

Dear Family of Our Redeemer’s

Most of us would not choose to be labeled a “slave”.  We value freedom and independence.  We rejoice in the fact that we are able to make choices in most areas of our lives.  If someone suggests that we are not free, we object loudly.  But, listen to the statement of Jesus:  “Very truly, I tell you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin.”  

This coming Sunday, October 31, is called Reformation Sunday.  We celebrate the great truths of Word alone, Grace alone, Faith alone.  All the scripture readings for the day are familiar, rich with good news, life-giving, and “freeing”.  They give us hope!  They invite us to dance!  They make us sing loud with enthusiasm!  “So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed”. 

Most Sundays we begin our worship service with some form of the confession: “We are in bondage to sin and cannot free ourselves”.  Our list of failed endeavors is always long.  Each week there are new regrets in the accounting.   We are not happy with the broken resolutions.  There is embarrassment, regret, and despair because we have been in this situation too many times.   We feel some degree of hopelessness, discouragement, and shame.  We do not like to be here again and again and again.  

The Gospel reading from John 8: 31-16 wipes the slate clean and sets us on our way having heard the Good News: “So if the Son make you free, you will be free indeed”.  Yes, we have been set free from sin, death, and the power of evil.  Life can begin again.  We can sing and dance.  Shouting is allowed and welcomed.  It is new day. The failures no longer exist.  The future is full of exciting possibilities.  “We go walking and leaping and praising God!”  

Strangely enough, this “Good News” is usually not well heard and experienced when we just tell it to ourselves.  It is more powerfully felt when it comes through others. We do need each other.  Our ears need to hear the Gospel from a mouth other than our own.  The powerful experience of the “communion of saints” is real.  Together, we are the Church.  A single member of the body does not have life when it is cut off from the rest.  Isolated and disconnected, we die.  

Our Redeemer’s Lutheran Church is a gift, not a duty or a burden.  God has designed our existence in such a way that we get life from our Creator and from each other.  We are not able to create or sustain ourselves in isolation.  God has given us the Church!  God has given us the “Gospel through the Church”.  You are always welcomed and cherished in God’s Church.  You are valued.  “SEE YOU IN CHURCH!”

Blessings on your journey in “freedom”, 

Interim Supply Pastor, Fred Mai

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We are a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA). The church was founded in 1895 by Danish immigrants. All are welcomed to worship and commune with us. Music is an important part of our worship service. We are a very rural congregation and are celebrating our 125 year anniversary this year, 2021.


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