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Advent and Christmas Message

I’m sure that most people are in the midst of Christmas shopping already at the beginning of December. I know people who begin their Christmas shopping during the after-Christmas sales the previous year. I also know people who shop for Christmas gifts year-round, buy them, and hide them away until December.

We human beings put a lot of time and effort into Christmas shopping and trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on our list. Worldwide each year, people go over 1,000,000,000 (that’s one trillion) dollars in debt buying Christmas gifts. The average American spends almost $1000 each year purchasing Christmas gifts.

We begin the month of December in the middle of Advent. The season of Advent is the four weeks leading up to Christmas Day. Traditionally, it was meant to help us to prepare our hearts and lives to meet the Christ Child born in a manger once again. It is meant to be a time of meditation and reflection as we anticipate the birth of Christ.

However, too often we are so wrapped up in all the festivities of concerts and parties and gift shopping and visiting with family and friends that we forget what Advent is supposed to be about. Back in 2006 there was a group of pastors who wanted to change that. They wanted to take the season back from overstuffed schedules, credit card debt, stress, and dread and return once again back to the hope, peace, and joy which the angels of old spoke of. This group of pastors came up with “The Advent Conspiracy.”

They wrote a book and put out a series of videos, all geared toward changing people’s attitudes about what the season of Advent should be all about. Over the years, the Advent Conspiracy has become a movement of congregations, families, friends, and organizations which have made the declaration to celebrate Christmas in a radical, God-honoring way. The four tenets of the Advent Conspiracy are: Worship Fully. Spend Less. Give More. Love all.

During worship this Advent we are going to examine the four tenets of the Advent Conspiracy. The Wednesday evening Bible study is going to study these four tenets also. I’m excited for this series and for the discussions that will happen around it. Please make a point to join us and invite your family and friends to join us also.

May this Advent and Christmas truly be a blessing to you!

Pastor Beth

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We are a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA). The church was founded in 1895 by Danish immigrants. All are welcomed to worship and commune with us. Music is an important part of our worship service. We are a very rural congregation and are celebrating our 125 year anniversary this year, 2021.


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