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September, a strange transitional month
I always find September to be a bit of a strange transitional month. It’s generally still warm, but we also sometimes get frost. Our garden produce is in its prime, but we also have to harvest it, especially if we get frost. The children go back to school, but there ...
Small Churches
I read a lot of interesting articles, primarily because I belong to some very interesting online groups. On July 6, of this year, an article was published by Karl Vaters entitled, “8 Experiences Every First-Time Guest Should Have in a Small Church.” I found it to be especially interesting not ...
Repairing the Broken
Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken or chipped items such as pottery with a lacquer that is mixed with gold or silver. The pottery can then be used once again. There is no denying that it was broken. But there is a beauty in the repair. This way ...
Pastor's message for May
A Mother’s hands reach out to bless her childrenand reach up to praise the Lord.They’re always loving, often praying, andever giving more than she keeps for herself.A mother’s hands may tirebut they never expire in their effortsto do good for those she loves.A mother’s hands may age,but her influence lasts ...
Hoping for Spring
As we enter April, I am hoping that spring will finally arrive, closely followed by summer. I am looking forward to flowers, sunshine, warmth, butterflies, and so many other things we haven’t seen in months. There’s just such an obvious promise of new life that comes with this time of ...
March is always a month of Celebration
For our family, March is always a month of celebration. All the sisters have birthdays. First comes our sister-in-law whose birthday is on the 12th. Then comes Art’s sister whose birthday is on the 18th. And then comes my sister whose birthday which is on the 23rd. In the midst ...
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About Us

We are a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA). The church was founded in 1895 by Danish immigrants. All are welcomed to worship and commune with us. Music is an important part of our worship service. We are a very rural congregation and are celebrating our 125 year anniversary this year, 2021.


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11005 Country Rd M,
Suring, Wisconsin 54174

Pastor Beth Macha
Church Office Phone: 920-842-2039

Secretary - Christy Firgens
Office Hours: 7:30am - 12:30pm
every Tuesday & Wednesday
Phone: 920-842-2039

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