Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have not been publishing our newsletter.

Women of the ELCA News

Our 14 quilts & 71 personal care kits were delivered to families in Mozambique this year.  These communities were ravaged by cyclone Idai.  The personal care kits provided basic hygiene needs & the quilts helped families through cold winter nights.  Thanks to all who helped with this ministry.  Jeanette Kootaka, Women of the Church, Secretary.  

The women of the church want to thank Kathy Lawrenz for being our President these last 7 years.  Thank you , Kathy, for your leadership and faithful service.

We are saddened to have to cancel our 9th annual Christmas Cookie Walk due to the Covid-19.  See you next year.

We have an opening for WELCA President, please prayfully consider the position. 

Jeanette Kootaka

News for Music and Worship

There will be 9 am service with communion each Sunday in December both in the sanctuary and broadcast for people in the parking lot.

The Christmas Eve service with communion will start at 4 pm with Pastor Garman presiding over the service.  The service will be indoors and broadcast for members that want to remain in their cars.

Beverly Hicks

Technology News

It was approved at the last council meeting that there will be a Technology Task Force.  They will be working to help and encourage people to use technology to operate during this pandemic and afterwards.  They are working now to set up streaming the services on Sunday and help set up meetings with Zoom for committees that need and want to meet virtually.

Those on the Task Force are Eika Schindel, Kayla Zahn, Karen Zahn, Jack Rabe and Carol Suring.

Carol Suring

Technology Task Force notes

Our Redeemer’s Lutheran Congregation Technology Task Force Notes

6 January 2021

We opened with a devotion from “Christ in Our Home” led by Carol.   Those present were Erika Schindel, Karen Zahn. Kayla Zahn, Jack Rabe, Maddy Holmes and Carol Suring.

There were no corrections or additions of the last meeting notes.  They are posted the website.

Streaming is improving but there is still a problem with sound especially when the Pastor is speaking.   Carol had a conversation with a staff person at Best Buy:  He said that there is not a way to connect the sound system to an iPad.  He said if we want to connect the sound system to our Facebook page we should use a laptop and have that connected to the sound system.

Karen made a motion seconded by Erika that we try a laptop and connect it to the sound system.  Everyone thought we should try it.

Carol offered her laptop so we could try it.  We will meet on Saturday the 9th of January at 9:30 am to see if that will work.  If this works we will see about getting a laptop that is inexpensive and that may have better a camera.

Carol asked if anyone heard comments about the streaming.  Erika stated that Bette Olson really enjoyed it, as did Corinne Roscoe.

It was suggested that maybe we could move the cross so it was not between Pastor’s and the camera.  It was suggested that maybe it could be put on the credenza and maybe Pastor could use the brass book holder to preach from so his head could be held up higher.  Erika will talk with Bev Hicks about the changes we would like to see.  Maddy will get to church early on Sunday to see about the position of the microphone on Pastor.

Carol will move the banner down a little more so it could be seen during the broadcast.

It was suggested that Council consider having the internet service and the other computer-based services be put on an auto pay system.  Jack said he would present this to the Council.

The report for the annual meeting was discussed.  Jack had already presented a Technology Committee report to Judy.  It was suggested by Jack that we present a Task Force annual report.  Carol had written one up for the task force to review.  There were several suggestions.  Carol will incorporate the extra items and email them to the taskforce.

6 Jan 2021

Carol Suring

Our Redeemer’s Lutheran Congregation Technology Task Force

Notes of 7 December 2020

Members present:  Jack Rabe (Council liaison), Erika Schindel, Carol Suring, Karen Zahn, and Kayla Zahn with guest Lowell Suring (Interim Recording Secretary).  The meeting was convened via Zoom at 7:30 P.M.

Jack Rabe, Erika Schindel, Carol Suring, and Aaron Suring (remotely) met at church on 6 December 2020 to reconfigure the router to make it compatible with streaming the worship service and other uses.  The router is now configured with private and guest partitions.  The guest partition is open to all users and is not pass-word protected.

Jack Rabe worked with Bertram Wireless, the Congregation’s internet service provider, to increase the bandwidth on our internet service to 25 mps to make it compatible with streaming the worship service.

Carol Suring purchased an iPad and tripod that will be used to record and stream the worship service with funds from the Memorial Fund designated for technology.  While at church on 6 December 2020, Jack Rabe, Erika Schindel, Carol Suring set up the equipment and programmed it to stream the worship service to the Congregation’s Facebook page.  They recorded and streamed a trial recording.

Carol Suring and Aaron Suring will place a link on the Congregation’s website for accessing the worship service via Facebook.  Erika Schindel will work with the Office Administrator to place an announcement in the worship service bulletin that the worship service on 13 December 2020 can be viewed on Facebook and how to access the recording.  A copy will be given to Carol to put on the website.  Erika Schindel will set up and operate the equipment for streaming the worship service on 13 December 2020.   Erika Schindel will prepare a manual on how to stream the worship service that other people can refer to and use to set up the iPad for streaming.  Currently, Sue Erzinger, Katie Wagner, Lane Ludtke, Kathy Kostrova, and Kamron Kostrova have volunteered to run the equipment.

Carol Suring suggested that the picture of the Narthex on the opening page of the website be changed to reflect the seasons of the church year (e.g., with the specific paraments for each season).  Task Force members agreed with this change.  Jack Rabe will send Carol Suring the name and contact information for the person who initially developed the website.  Carol will contact him to ensure that he has not retained copyright for the website and that we can modify the website as needed.

The Task Force discussed facilitating use of the Zoom meeting application by the Congregation’s committees, Council, and for other functions (e.g., Bible study).  The Task Force will subscribe to the Zoom meeting service and make it available with instructions to users throughout the Congregation.  Each meeting can host up to 100 participants.  The license allows unlimited group meetings

The Task Force reviewed the draft budget and made the following revisions:

Equipment maintenance                                              $150.00

Zoom subscription              $14.99/month + taxes         $185.00

Internet service                                   $80/ month       $960.00

Website costs                                                               $125.00

Computer consultant                                                     $700.00

Equipment                                                                    $500.00

Total requested                                                           $2,620.00

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 P.M. with the Lord’s Prayer.

Respectfully submitted

Lowell Suring, Interim Recording Secretary

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