Technology News

Our Redeemer’s Lutheran Congregation Technology Task Force Notes

13 April 2021

We opened with a devotion from Philippians 2:1-4 led by Carol.  Those present were Erika Schindel, Karen Zahn, Jack Rabe, Maddy Holmes, and Carol Suring.

Maddy has set up a meeting with Northern Sound and Video for April 23 at 9 am at church.  They will tell us what we need to up date and impove out Church service streaming

Maddy suggested that we look at the technology group as a long-term group and think about looking at improving our technology on a 5 year plan.  Maddy thought maybe we could change out one thing at a time in our sound system.  Carol suggested that we all think of how and what we should do in the next 5 – 10 years and discuss it at the next time we meet.  We need to think about recruiting technical support personnel from the Congregation when we bring on anything new so that we do not always have the same people operating and maintaining the system.

Carol started the discussion about the webpage.  It is not a secure website and it needs an upgrade.  It is dark and unwieldy to use.  Carol will talk with the person who set it up and ask him about prices.  Carol wants the decision about what is changed with the website and how it works needs to be up to the group. 

Maddy brought up the fact that now with streaming to Facebook there may be a copyright issue.  She brought up the issue so that we are aware of the situation.  Bev talked with the Synod office about it.  Karen suggested talking with Sara Streblow because she has been helpful before and is very knowledgeable with legal matters.  Maddy suggested that we do not stream the prelude or postlude of the Worship Service until we know what we should be doing.

 Carol Suring

Memorial Committee Notes

The Meeting of the

Memorial Committee of Our Redeemer’s Lutheran Congregation

March 2, 2021 at 7 pm at Church

Those present were Erika Schindel, Becky Jenko, and Carol Suring with Corinne Roscoe on the phone.  The meeting was opened with prayer and devotions by Carol.

The financial spread sheet showing the 2020 and 2021 years was handed out and reviewed.  The prayer garden book and the memorial book were reviewed for additions and changes. Several photographs are missing; Carol and Becky will fill in the missing ones.  Carol will send to Becky by email the names of the people that had given monies for each project.

The policy for the Memorial Committee (MC) Carol had revised from the notes of a meeting from August 2013 was reviewed.  The notes of that meeting were in the Congregation’s policy handbook.  There were no additional comments or additions.  A copy of the mission, policy, and procedure for the MC and the notes of this meeting will be given to the Congregation Council and to the Constitution and Policy Committee.

Erika suggested that we inform people about the procedure that the MC goes through to spend money in our care.  An attached copy of the Procedure and Policy statement will be added to the notes of this meeting and this way people on Council will have this information along with members of the Congregation.

Corinne had a comment.  She would like to see the Prayer Garden Book have a place where people would notice it and may then go into the prayer garden to see their paver with their bible verse on it.  We will ask the decorating committee to take that into consideration.

Meeting ended with the Lord’s Prayer

Carol Suring

Constitution and Policy Committee


Constitution and Policy Committee

Summary Notes of 01-14-2021

A Zoom meeting was held and the members present were Maddy Holmes, Fred Mai, Jack Rabe and Karen Zahn.  Blanche Brenwall was unable to attend. 

Jack will be Chairperson.  The person to serve as Secretary will be selected at the next meeting.

The Model Constitution for Congregations was provided by the Synod. We will be looking into several Chapters and By-Laws, with-out any particular order, such as Voting by Proxy, two recommendations about Church Council, Classification of members, Communion participation, the calling of the Pastor, roles of Council and Pastor, the process for membership, conflicting loyalties, and continuing membership.

The meeting ended with the Lord’s Prayer.

Carol Suring summarized the notes submitted by Jack Rabe.



Constitution and Policy Committee

Summary Notes of January 28, 2021

Members present:  Maddy Holmes, Fred Mai, Jack Rabe, Blanche Brenwall, and Karen Zahn.

The person to serve as Secretary will be Fred Mai.

Questions were raised and discussed.

Decisions were made on the following BYLAWS; Delegates to synod and conference meetings, seasonal members, communion participation, and conflicting loyalties.  If you have questions or concerns please contact the Constitution and Policy Committee.

Summarized from the notes submitted by Fred Mai, Secretary, by Carol Suring

NEEDED: Volunteers to help out with the Facebook Live during our Sunday Service.  It’s very easy, and I will gladly show anyone who is interested how to work the iPad.  You only have to tap on few things to get it up and streaming. I’d like to get 3-4 volunteers so we could have a rotating schedule, and may only have to each do one Sunday each month. Please let me know if you’re interested! 

Erika Schindel - 920-590-0384

Council News

Installation of 2021 Council Members will be Sunday, February, 21st.

Members are Byron Kruschke, President; Allyn Christensen, Vice President; Carol Suring, Secretary; Beverley Hicks, Council member and Financial Secretary; Erika Schindel; Jack Rabe; Sheila Sleeter; Earl Macha; Karen Zahn; Blanche Brenwall; Marcia Wagner; Kayla Zahn; and Corinne Roscoe, and Non-Council: Nancy Macha, Treasurer.

Technology News

It was approved at the last council meeting that there will be a Technology Task Force.  They will be working to help and encourage people to use technology to operate during this pandemic and afterwards.  They are working now to set up streaming the services on Sunday and help set up meetings with Zoom for committees that need and want to meet virtually.

Those on the Task Force are Eika Schindel, Kayla Zahn, Karen Zahn, Jack Rabe and Carol Suring.

Carol Suring