Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have not been publishing our newsletter.

Constitution and Policy Committee


Constitution and Policy Committee

Summary Notes of 01-14-2021

A Zoom meeting was held and the members present were Maddy Holmes, Fred Mai, Jack Rabe and Karen Zahn.  Blanche Brenwall was unable to attend. 

Jack will be Chairperson.  The person to serve as Secretary will be selected at the next meeting.

The Model Constitution for Congregations was provided by the Synod. We will be looking into several Chapters and By-Laws, with-out any particular order, such as Voting by Proxy, two recommendations about Church Council, Classification of members, Communion participation, the calling of the Pastor, roles of Council and Pastor, the process for membership, conflicting loyalties, and continuing membership.

The meeting ended with the Lord’s Prayer.

Carol Suring summarized the notes submitted by Jack Rabe.



Constitution and Policy Committee

Summary Notes of January 28, 2021

Members present:  Maddy Holmes, Fred Mai, Jack Rabe, Blanche Brenwall, and Karen Zahn.

The person to serve as Secretary will be Fred Mai.

Questions were raised and discussed.

Decisions were made on the following BYLAWS; Delegates to synod and conference meetings, seasonal members, communion participation, and conflicting loyalties.  If you have questions or concerns please contact the Constitution and Policy Committee.

Summarized from the notes submitted by Fred Mai, Secretary, by Carol Suring

NEEDED: Volunteers to help out with the Facebook Live during our Sunday Service.  It’s very easy, and I will gladly show anyone who is interested how to work the iPad.  You only have to tap on few things to get it up and streaming. I’d like to get 3-4 volunteers so we could have a rotating schedule, and may only have to each do one Sunday each month. Please let me know if you’re interested! 

Erika Schindel - 920-590-0384 Schinde4@gmail.com

Council News

Installation of 2021 Council Members will be Sunday, February, 21st.

Members are Byron Kruschke, President; Allyn Christensen, Vice President; Carol Suring, Secretary; Beverley Hicks, Council member and Financial Secretary; Erika Schindel; Jack Rabe; Sheila Sleeter; Earl Macha; Karen Zahn; Blanche Brenwall; Marcia Wagner; Kayla Zahn; and Corinne Roscoe, and Non-Council: Nancy Macha, Treasurer.

Women of the ELCA News

Join the Women's Bible Study on Tuesday, February 16th via Zoom. Contact Carol Suring for further information.

 Our 14 quilts & 71 personal care kits were delivered to families in Mozambique this year.  These communities were ravaged by cyclone Idai.  The personal care kits provided basic hygiene needs & the quilts helped families through cold winter nights.  Thanks to all who helped with this ministry.  Jeanette Kootaka, Women of the Church, Secretary.  

News for Music and Worship

There will be 9 am service with communion each Sunday in December both in the sanctuary and broadcast for people in the parking lot.

The Christmas Eve service with communion will start at 4 pm with Pastor Garman presiding over the service.  The service will be indoors and broadcast for members that want to remain in their cars.

Beverly Hicks

Technology News

It was approved at the last council meeting that there will be a Technology Task Force.  They will be working to help and encourage people to use technology to operate during this pandemic and afterwards.  They are working now to set up streaming the services on Sunday and help set up meetings with Zoom for committees that need and want to meet virtually.

Those on the Task Force are Eika Schindel, Kayla Zahn, Karen Zahn, Jack Rabe and Carol Suring.

Carol Suring

Technology Task Force notes

Our Redeemer’s Lutheran Congregation Technology Task Force Notes

3 February 2021

We opened with a devotion called “The Holy Spirit at Work” and with a reading from John 14-15-17.

Those present were Erika Schindel, Karen Zahn, Jack Rabe, Maddy Holmes and Carol Suring.

1.  Our first discussion was on Zoom.  Beverley Hicks and Carol Suring will meet at church on Friday the 5th of February to purchase a Zoom subscription.  The limitations with the license are no more than 100 people, no consecutive meetings, and meetings no longer than 24 hours.  It was discussed that we would ask Judy to be the person doing the scheduling since she is doing that already.  Erika will talk with Judy about this and answer any questions.  People would need to add their meeting to the calendar in the office.  Heads of committee will be given the code to use to start a meeting for church activities and anyone else that needs the code for a church related meeting.

2.  We discussed the situation of having Council meetings with some people attending in house and some people attending virtually.  This could be accomplished with a Zoom Meeting setup but it would be difficult to get that together before April or even May. We will bring up the concept of Zoom Meeting to see who will be willing to do it and if we can do some additional education about using Zoom.

Both Maddy and Carol talked with people about up grading systems to make a zoom room (or a Zoom like room) and streaming the church service better. It will take a little time to get all the information.  Maddy talked with Northern Sound and Video and Carol talked with Suess Electric of Appleton.  More information is to follow as soon as more information is available.  Maddy emailed us about their products.  Carol said it will take a week to get information from Suess Electric.

3.  Carol talked about conducting Lenten bible studies virtually.  It would not work well in the short time frame we have and we need to do more research to get the best for the money we have.  Another alternative was to ask Pastor Mai to do a Lenten message using Facebook.  Erika will work with Pastor so he is comfortable using Facebook.

4.  We will try to continually to improve the streaming of the worship services.  Erika talked with the IT person with the Gillett school system.  Actually, for using an iPad our sound is better than most churches.  We think that is due to the sound system we have now.

5.  Erika suggested that should start thinking about finding someone who can run the iPad for streaming, as a paid position.  We should think about it more seriously when we improve the streaming using a laptop computer (with a possible mixing board) and camera where it would take more skill.

6.  We discussed adding a “donate button” on the webpage; Carol will talk with Beverley and Nancy to see if they would want to do that.  It would require asking Todd Daniels of ProPrint Graphic s to help that, at a cost of $35 an hour.  This is not in our budget so we would have to ask council for funding.

Check back for news from Our Redeemer's in the future.